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moonwolf23 [userpic]

Standing fricking ovation

December 30th, 2013 (07:54 pm)


moonwolf23 [userpic]

My pagan blog

November 23rd, 2013 (02:59 pm)


moonwolf23 [userpic]

I like this idea

July 2nd, 2012 (01:48 pm)

So guys, why not do something like this


moonwolf23 [userpic]

Will Edit for Food

June 28th, 2012 (08:41 pm)

Originally posted by mageoflamancha at Will Edit for Food

Originally posted by peskipiksi at Will Edit for Food
Originally posted by cfchica at Will Edit for Food
This month has been brutal. Albert's expenses from the past two weeks plus a couple of missed days of work(boss out of office) so things really suck right now. Big time. A crunching of the numbers shows that I'm not gonna make ends meet. My folks are equally tapped out.

I am willing to edit anyone's written piece in exchange for a donation. It's about the only skill I have to offer since I'm not very creative otherwise. I will line-edit and proof any essay, short story, term paper, web content, you name it. Trying hard to stay afloat. It sucks to have to ask for help.

To add insult to an already-injured wallet, one of my job locations will be closed for two days next week, and my other boss will be taking some vacation days next month with his family; since he won't be in the office, I will not need to come in. He expects to be gone for about 3-4 workdays.

I will be having a yard sale alongside a neighbor this Saturday, but there are no guarantees my stuff will sell; people around here are used to designer sample sales and estate sales...no shit. Life by the sea! EBay is out of the question for now. I have textbooks listed for sale on Amazon, but no takers so far.

I contacted some agencies here in Orange County that offer rental assistance. Unfortunately, they will only help if the tenant has a Notice of Eviction in hand. I do not want it to get that far; once a person gets that far they are also on the hook for court costs and filing fees.  Other agencies will only help families. Albert and I do not meet their definition of "family." My food stamp application is making its way through the maze that is Social Services here in OC.

Sooo...if you have anything that needs a once-over or some editing/proofing, shoot it in my direction in Word format. There is a Paypal button on my profile, and you can send your piece to be edited to editsbyelaine at yahoo dot com.

Thank you and (insert name of deity of choice here) bless.
Elaine & Albert

(Repost button added by request)

moonwolf23 [userpic]

Something I think applies to ALL of us, not just Christians

March 23rd, 2012 (06:56 pm)


Republican, Democrat, Atheist, Agnostic, Pagan etc. This is a beautifully worded message, I think we can all get behind.

moonwolf23 [userpic]

Gods forbid rant

January 18th, 2012 (08:22 pm)

Gods forbid someone be corrected on their touchy feely stuff. Gods forbid that some members jump on others when they are taking anothers culture as their own. Because yaknow, we are the Gods representatives and it behooves us to not act like gigantic jackasses.

This rant provided by me, likely pmising and frustrated.

moonwolf23 [userpic]

Canadian peeps

November 1st, 2011 (12:56 pm)

I was offered a job yesterday, from someone I played Eveonline with. It's in Montreal Canada, as a secretary. Due to travel time(I live in Ks currently) and immigration I declined. But he has gone through a few secretaries. I figured I'd ask anyone that lives in Canada if they knew of anyone that would want the job?

moonwolf23 [userpic]

Operation Spartan Stork

July 26th, 2011 (02:54 pm)

Trying to provide sterile birthing kits to reduce infant mortality in Afghanistan. Please check out their facebook page and see what you can do.


Please spread the word.

moonwolf23 [userpic]

Is more than a bit stressed on real life

May 27th, 2011 (02:53 pm)

I'm not intentionally ignoring anyone. I'll get back you guys. I'm just running the gauntlet of government forms to fill out and have a variety of stuff to do. Hence I've reached stressed stage and am forgetting stuff.

moonwolf23 [userpic]

Comically Incorrect

April 30th, 2011 (03:45 pm)


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